lily’s on the canal

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we went to lily’s on the canal in lambertville few weekends ago.
it had been our favorite spot whenever we visited new hope/lambertville area.
food is good- sort of modern american cuisine,
but the vibrant atmosphere is more of the reason
brings us back there.
i like especially the open-kitchen located in the center of restaurant.
a glance of interior at first floor.
the sheet-metal cladding wall at the background actually is a sheer water fountain. the subtle sound of water drop brings a touch of dynamic to the dinning experience.
a good bread to start the meal is essential
and a simple & modern presentation is a plus.
( i totally forgot to take picture of mine) we ordered supper yummy dessert at the end- but again, it was so good, i can’t stop spooning until it was completely vanished. no picture to share –  gone in minutes!!
if you are around in the area, stop by lily’s. when the temperature is perfect, try the gorgeous courtyard at the back of restaurant. ( though they have a fair wine list – i will recommend you byob )
bon appetit!

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