liza’s garden by plant architect

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landscape architecture

liza's garden by plant architect_detail view of green roofall images courtesy of PLANT 

love the rich layers of materials used in this project, liza’s garden, a roof garden belongs to royal ontario museum, designed by PLANT architect (with Gardens in the Sky as greenroof consultant). they’re one of my favorite landscape-meets-architecture firms, and have done couple great roof gardens/gardens in varied scales.

text from the architects:

” Liza’s Garden was conceived as a grand diorama at the scale of the museum. The inaccessibility of the garden demanded that the visual cues generated by the garden evoke the aural, haptic, and other sensory cues of a garden. A staggered grid of trees shows the movement of the wind, and the shapes and trajectory of the planting beds reinforce that movement. The tilted beds will trap rain to reflect the sky, snow, and leaves, and “show the wind”…”

liza's garden by plant architect_green roof_view

liza's garden by plant architect_green roof


” … A network of cables adds an ephemeral topography to glint in the sun, provide birds perches, and collect snow. Finally, the plantings are chosen to visually evoke lushness in an environment that can only sustain three inches of soil. As an added benefit, the roof acts in several ways to enhance the sustainability of the ROM, through stormwater retention, reduction of the heat island effect, and the provision of a habitat for birds and insects. ”

liza's garden by plant architect_royal ontario museum

liza's garden by plant architect_1

all images courtesy of PLANT

Liza’s Garden has been awarded a CSLA Regional Merit award.

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