a saturday afternoon at terrain {part 2}

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{continued from my previous post }
if you’re visiting terrain, of course you can’t miss their cafe. i am totally up for another trip just to sit and enjoy the food at cafe!
the outdoor (yet covered) dining space was packed, and i have to say, the speed they serve food is really, slow. we waited for like an hour to get everyone’s order. ( my suggestion: don’t go there for super empty stomach )
the famous pot bread- it comes with soup or salad.

SO GOOD. it reminds me a lot to the japanese style toast ‘shokupan’.(yum) * i have to admit this is probably one of the best among their servings. and oh, we tried ” blueberries sausage” side order.

( with blueberries pancakes ) hey, what can go wrong with blueberries?

it’s delicious!

more photos at the end of trip, if you’re curious what plants we purchased :) stay tuned for {part 3}!

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