a saturday afternoon at terrain {part 1}

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food / lifestyle
i’ve been wanting to visit terrain for a while. finally we cleaned up the backyard after winter is really really gone, and the weather report said it will be a nice day this saturday… here we come, the field trip to terrain!
it’s definitely worth the drive – a place that will easily take you whole afternoon (even, a day) to explore, from interior lifestyle to outdoor garden collection. here’s the look of (one little corner) outdoor space.

 every corner is another beautiful encounter… i love these stack of dried birch barks.
if you feel the interior collections is very anthropology … of course – terrain is the fourth brand of urban outfitters inc., the new home & garden lifestyle sit on a 11 acre retail space. here’s another muji-ish corner. so adorable…
looks like a perfect summer party is ready to go!
and i love these birch bark warped tins!
by far i already spent hours to browse through their home collection…
* for the weck-fans: the store also has a good collection of jars from weck. ( you can also shop online from weck directly )
more photos to share – stay tuned for the terrain {part 2}!

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