race street pier, philadelphia (open soon!)

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race street pier, philadelphia ( open soon! )

ladies and gentlemen, field operations is coming to town! if you have been following the ambitious civic vision for the central delaware riverfront, the race street pier, built on the vacant pier 11 as an early action project, is scheduled to open to the public on may 12th with an official ribbon cutting from mayor nutter.

consider may 12th is only couple weeks away, our curiosity made us stop by the site today to check out the construction progress.

+ the view looked toward south. ( society hill towers at the left hand side of background )  the blooming trees makes a VERY VERY pink columbus boulevard.

race street pier, philadelphia ( open soon! )

+ right in front of the entrance of the park is this stunning view of ben franklin bridge foundation. have to say the ben franklin bridge is definitely a beautiful backdrop to the park.

race street pier, philadelphia ( open soon! )

race street pier, philadelphia ( open soon! )

if you’re not familiar with the area, here is the brief background about the project:

” In February 2009, Mayor Nutter together with DRWC announced funding was secured for design and construction of a one acre public park on the vacant pier at the base of Race Street, immediately south of the Ben Franklin Bridge.DRWC and the City of Philadelphia issued a Request for Proposals to provide design, construction documentation, and construction administration services for improvements to Pier 11 with the goal to develop Pier 11 into a publicly accessible riverfront amenity for residents and tourists. With public input and the leadership of the DRWC Planning Committee led by Marilyn Jordan Taylor, Dean, Penn Design, University of Pennsylvania and Alan Greenberger, Executive Director Philadelphia City Planning Commission, Acting Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development and Commerce Director, awarded the contract for the project design to James Corner Field Operations, a nationally recognized landscape design team whose credits include the acclaimed High Line in NYC. ” – DRWC

+ the raised terrace area

race street pier, philadelphia ( open soon! )

race street pier, philadelphia ( open soon! )

+ closer look of the raised terrace

race street pier, philadelphia ( open soon! )

+ imagine without the eye-sore fence, this spot has the perfect angle for taking oh-so-magazine pictures…

race street pier, philadelphia ( open soon! )

i LOVE to visit construction site. these behind-the-scene are always the most memorable moments throughout the realization of projects.

ANYWAY, i am so excited this new addition to philadelphia’s outdoor space. as race street pier will be the pioneer example among series of high quality public accessible open spaces along the delaware riverfront.

and wait, one more news for you : you can actually attend the sneak peak event on may 11th ( wednesday 6-9pm ) before it officially opens to the public. the ticket is $150, includes music, fireworks(fireworks!), drinks and food. more information click here.

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