tonttu cookies

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aren’t these iced cookies lovely? and if the characters look familiar to you, that’s right – it’s from “cafe tonttu” series. i posted about cafe tonttu about an year ago, click here to see what/who is tonttu!

+ and for the quick reference: this is tonttu :)


so back to the cookies. yes, who made these cookies? of course not me! it’s from my friend karen!

karen is the chef and founder of new york-based handmade artisanal iced cookies company 6persimmons. she can make all kinds of amazing iced cookies – from birthday to wedding to promotion celebration… and here you see she made these cookies exclusively for my friend’s son. isn’t it super impressive? i am speechless.

and hey, if you’re curious – these cookies are not just looking-good, they taste REALLY GOOD. don’t forget to check out six persimmons to see if what karen can bring to you!

happy sunday!

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