do you know Marjon Hoogervorst?

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interior / photography

marjon hoogervorst _2

[all photography courtesy|copyright Marjon Hoogervorst ]

the ” do you know…” photographer series is back!

in case you’re new to michitecture, ” do you know…” series is dedicated to a introduction of my favorite photographers. the name marjon hoogervorst came across to me when i was browsing interior work by anouk brands (AnoukB). she is the photographer behind some beautiful shots, like this one.

marjon hoogervorst _1



[all photography courtesy|copyright Marjon Hoogervorst ]



rozalinde ( owner of webshop mondaysmilk )


when you have a white interior base, don’t be afraid to use your favorite color in some details! like those baskets and crates… super cute!




[all photography courtesy|copyright Marjon Hoogervorst ]

she is also a frequent contributor on bloesem ( a dangerously addicting blog ),click here to see her post!

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