lamps for neanderthal man : Wästberg interior lighting

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[ all images courtesy Wästberg ]

hello hello, happy sunday afternoon! the day light saving has been adjusted, which means, more light we’re going to have from now! it’s a pretty exciting fact to me, as it won’t be pitch dark outside when i wake up in the morning!

so, finally i had a chance to check back Wästberg, one of my favorite swedish lighting manufacturer – and the information on website is all up and ready! here’s a awesome manifesto that you should take a look ( couple pages ). so well written and with a sense of humor…

i like Wästberg always provides the humane touch in every lighting design, how the product was born. from floor to desk to wall lamp, Wästberg might not have the most collection ( for now only about 13 products), but i love ALL of them. it’s the best proof of ” quality is more important than quantity ” philosophy. and besides the minimal look through out all design, the functional aspect (technology) is unquestionable, too.

here are some of my favorite design:

Claesson Koivisto Rune w101 by Claesson Koivisto Rune


Good Design Award 2011 | Swedish Design Award 2010

” This high-tech LED task light has its entire structure made of bio-degradable paper. It is built from sandwiched paper sheets of DuraPulp, a mix of paper pulp and starch polymer. For being paper, it is very strong and durable. But the folded geometry of the lamp also makes for rigidity, and is not just for sculptural effect. 

this design made its debut during 2010 milan design week

i do believe a good design won’t need to sacrifice the aesthetic appearance in order to achieve the sustainability. a good design, included industrial and architecture design, should be able to find the best solution between the functional and practical.


[ all images courtesy Wästberg ]

Claesson Koivisto Rune w101 by Inga Sempé

” The lamp mixes solidity and lightness: a thin beam joins the two opposite pieces of the lamp: the heavy cast foot to a delicate shade. Its silhouette and its various positions bring to mind a small umbrella. “


[ all images courtesy Wästberg ]

“… my feeling is that perhaps there is the space for a simplified mechanism. An object which is calm. It does move, but does not do everything. For me that‘s enough and maybe for some other people too. ” – James Irvine

this award winning desk light again proves simple design can be just enough, no need to be over complicated….

special mention to those two design which i already posted last year:

studioilse by Ilse Crawford

” Materials have hidden messages. These create a powerful link to our emotional psyches and shape our connection to daily life…”


massaud083 by Jean-Marie Massaud

” It’s about Light.

It’s about gravity and non gravity.

It’s about reduction and competency.

It’s about simplicity, lightness, effortlessness.

It’s about synthesis.

It’s about mood. “


[ all images courtesy Wästberg ]

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