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book + magazine / landscape architecture


[image courtesy of paisea ]

” paisea is a landscape architecture review covering a different theme in each publication. It is published in Spanish and English. It is quarterly, with each issue coming out within the first three days of the months in which it is published: March, June, September and December. 

In each issue there are a number of regular sections: built projects, unbuilt projects, a past project, landscape architecture competitions, university projects, a green section and a more open section called cult landscape. Alongside these there are a number of articles related to the theme of each issue. “

probably not a news to you, but i just found this really awesome spanish publisher called “paisea”. couple issues are sold out and only available in digital (ipad) format… though that is more of a trend these days, i like to read the books in paper…

there are couple issues i am interested in and are not sold out (yet) :

+ 006 graphic design in landscape

+ 009 public square

+ 014 representation

+ 015 urban furniture

…. and more interesting issues are on their way!

oh also, their blog featured many domestic( spain) projects – very informative and current. if you like fresh ideas, competition news & opportunities, make sure you check it out!


ps. surprisingly, amazon has some of the back issues

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