[book] landscape urbanism strategies : STRATEGY PUBLIC by a+t

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book + magazine / landscape architecture

Landscape Urbanism Strategies_a+t

i must be in some kind of spring book-buying fever, the reading list is just getting longer and longer. here is another landscape book from a+t titled ” landscape urbanism strategies: STRATEGY PUBLIC “. with many interesting projects are included with drawings and photos, this one definitely is one of your essential studio books.

” … More than 20 works of urban landscaping, all built, are analysed regarding the strategies identified in each one. This issue initiates a new way of approaching the project, in which the method is as visible as the result. ” -a+t

some sneak peek pages:

New Malpica Waterfront

aeJn0Kou_10 Creus e Carrasco-Malpica

+ Ballast Point Park

qCj1BURL_12 MacGregor-Sydney

TKTS Booth & Father Duffy Square

MJqA2caQ_22 TKTS-New York[all images courtesy of a+t]

alright, time to put it into the shopping cart.

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