brunch at dandelion

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since the weather is so beautiful, we want to walk around little bit in center city and find somewhere to have brunch. after checking out some other places in city, we decided to try out this new place called dandelion, at the corner of 18th and sansom street, is a new addition to steven starr restaurants.
and yes, this is another steven starr restaurant in philadelphia. and it’s only half block away from the continental midtown, a famous martini bar/restaurant, also our usual brunch spot.


the british-inspired pub interior is lovely ( i heard all furniture and art pieces are imported from england ). the selection of tables, chairs, lamps, even curtain fabric, all contribute the perfect touch of authentic atmosphere.

✚ the graphic design for menu and all printed products is cute


✚ i love this vintage look of lamp fixture! (or maybe it’s truly a vintage piece)


✚ english breakfast, it comes with a small pot of baked beans


✚ the french toast is served in different style from continental’s, if you’re curious.  ( french toast with dried fruit compote vs. “liquid” french toast which is served with chocolate sauce and strawberries )


french toasts is probably one of the simplest brunch (or breakfast) menu we all can make at home. yet every time i tried a new brunch place, i ordered french toast. it’s like my brunch index.

if you’re curious about my view: 4 stars for the french toast. the brioche toast is nicely baked, soft but slightly brown. and i like especially the dried fruit throughly soaked in syrup, delicious. ( plus i am a dried fruit person )

and why it’s not 5 star? i wish this french toast could be 2 dollar cheaper.

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