[lecture] concepts and details of TWBTA

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[image courtesy lincoln center]

while back i mentioned about TWBTA Todd Williams Billie Tsien Architects in the blog post of wichcraft sandwich and their store in lincoln center atrium ( this post ). it has been two years since i went to TWBTA’s lecture at meyerson hall ( this should sound familiar if you’re also a PENN graduate ). thanks to philadelphia AIA center invited the husband-and-wife duo architects, i was so excited to have this opportunity to hear what they said about their recent project – the barnes museum, along with other beautiful projects by TWBTA.

here are two projects from the presentation: cranbrook natatorium and bennington college.

cranbrook natatorium | bloomfield hills, michigan

the interior space is amazing – like a hidden glowing jewel in a quiet box. it’s hard to believe the building is not air-conditioned. that’s right, it’s totally vantilated by natural air. as the architects said, “the water is connected to the land and sky, the building breathes.

more detailed project brief can be found here.

[all images courtesy TWBTA| photo by michael/moran ]

a beautiful downspout detail

big window for ventilation

another beautiful conversation between materials….

[all images courtesy TWBTA| photo by michael/moran ]

bennington college|center for the advancement of public action | vermont

the main building for classrooms,symposiums, the faculty residence and the small experiential center are clad in reclaimed marble. exterior marble were originally cut for a number of possible projects. it’s interesting to see different shades of stones have been recut and refinished for the center.

more construction fact can be found here

they presented couple exclusive close up look of stones and interior design in the lecture. here are some pictures i found online. not perfect, but to give you some ideas about how those reclaimed marble look like at exterior wall.

[photo courtesy bennington free press ]

[copyright © 2011 the o’connell companies ]

at the end of lecture, they gave us a brief update on barnes museum.

barnes museum | philadelphia

they shown us many construction and mock-up photos, which is always the most fascinating part in realizing a project. TWBTA had a 1:1 scale mock-up on site which means a actual room size with proposed skylight opening, and all fake painting (printed on paper) hung on wall to demonstrate the painting vs. wall proportion.

mock-up of the exterior wall (in cooperate with rain screen technology behind the stone)

a rendering view of museum: architects want visitors to first experience the landscape, pass through outdoor area, then enter the museum.

[all images courtesy TWBTA ]

it was a inspiring lecture. TWBTA is doing more than just build buildings. their architectue encourage dialogue between architecture, landscape and art.  “the sensibility of materials and details, and the appropriate response to the surrounding landscape/context should be always considered by designers.”

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