( i wish this is my ) weekend house

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architecture / interior / weekend house

[ all images courtesy atelier ST ]

Waldhaus by architects Schellenberg und Thau

as i just stored my snow boots back in closet, it had another snow in philadelphia last night. great.  so hold on, we’re not done with winter… this house in the forest south of berlin is designed by leipzig-based architecture firm atelier ST, a perfect winter (or summer, or weekend) home!

( i wish this is my ) weekend getaway house

a fox taxidermy… i was fooled when first glanced.

the cabin was a simple wooden summer house by a lake built in 1926. the concept behind the architectural refurbish work, is to retain the atmosphere, the proportions, and simple style of construction of the house, plus integrated into a new weekend house.

✚ the big window is a such luxurious design element! imagine when you look into outside, the surrounding forest are framed into a beautiful picture in front of you. the dark brown varnished pine wood exterior is perfectly in contrast with light accents interior, which is covered on all sides with white pine cladding.

✚ if you’re wondering, this cute pendent lamp in above picture is from moooi, lolita suspended lamp by nika zupanc. and look at that hidden-lofty space… with a nice fire place.

✚ simple choice of material and color, plus well-hidden storage space and BIG window view to the forest – this kitchen is one of my favorite place in the house.

✚ rest of the interior style remains a cozy and casual homey atmosphere, with the mix of some modern details, the interior space is subtle, not loud but still playful ( my number one design philosophy ).

[all images courtesy atelier ST ]

yes yes… i wish it’s my weekend house.

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