marais A tolix chair

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marais A tolix chair

[photo courtesy kjerstis lykke]

it’s sunday again, and i wish i am sitting on the tolix chair while having our brunch at home.

tolix A chair (1934) takes 100 manual operations to create an A Chair : no two are entirely the same – and the X-shaped reinforcement bar beneath the seat enables each chair to bear the designer xavier pauchard’s initial. the most appreciated part: it is still made in france.

marais A tolix chair

[image courtesy dwr]

i’ve been spotting these french cafe chairs everywhere in new york city… well, if you asked me same question couple years ago, i probably would not consider using them for home, seems a bit too industrial, not homey. then one day i saw the beautiful image from the blog kjestislykke – oww…what was i thinking? it is no doubt a perfect addition for home !!

pair these chairs with wood furniture like Design Within Reach(DWR) shown here – the glossy metal perfectly balance the heaviness of wood table.

marais A tolix chair

marais A tolix chair

or you can pair with these cute era chairs. (also shown: saarinen round dining table)

marais A tolix chair

marais A tolix chair

[all above images courtesy dwr]

besides DWR ( they have some unique colors to choose from),  graham and green actually carries more variety of styles.

marais A tolix chair


marais A tolix chair

little side-track here: as it is that obvious, there are many knock-off tolix chairs in the market…( i can’t believe i saw the ad posted on apartment therapy) .i definitely don’t appreciate that. since you gonna use the material, why not use that material and create something new on your own? design is not just about the form. when the design object loose the originality and only the form has been reproduced – these objects become just another victim of consumerism.

no knock-offs, please.

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