eco-friendly and beautiful : mydeck

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landscape architecture

[fresenius|photo © Mydeck ]

unlike other popular decompose wood deck you normally see, mydeck, a german manufacture ( of course ) specialized in boarded flooring system, shows us a eco-friendly product can be beautiful as well.

look at the picture above, from the appearance you can barely tell it’s NOT real wood!

well, to be precisely stated, the planks consist of approximately 50% hardwood, which is a waste product of very fine sawdust, and of 50% new polyethylene, which is mostly used in the food industry. 

besides the amazing sustainable component, mydeck boards can be sawed and polished like traditional wood planks, with the crucial difference that mydeck planks don’t splinter. This is not the only decisive advantage the ecological composite has to offer: The planks are skidproof as well as enduringly salt water resistant and weatherproof, which saves intensive and expensive care and maintenance.

[hamburg hühnerposten|photo © Mydeck ]

roof deck at a office building

[nürnberg messe|photo © Mydeck ]

a nice substitute for traditional wood deck in a school project

[frankfurt michael-grzimek-schule|photos © Mydeck ]

and we of course won’t forget the perfect fit for pool-side deck
[spain restaurant nou racó spain|photo © Mydeck ]

the pool-side picture made me wanting the arrive of summer…

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