cellophane house at MoMA

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cellophane house at MoMA

when i was going through some old pictures yesterday, found bunch interesting shots i( or j ) took when we went to see a exhibition called “Home Delivery: Fabricating the Modern Dwelling” at MoMA new york, back to july, 2008. the installations included : cellophane house, burst*008, system 3, housing for new orleans, and micro compact home.

here is the sneak peek to other prefab models, looking out from cellophane house. (the cube one is incredibly compact and amazing)

cellophane house at MoMA

even this was a past event, ( i still can’t  believe it was 3 years ago!) i am going to take it as a opportunity to revisit these nice projects i saw at the exhibition. start with cellophane house, designed by philadelphia-based architecture firm Kieran Timberlake associates.

a reminiscent of 1930’s the Aluminaire House ( click here to read more about the project ), architect james timberlake aimed to reinvent the concept of a pre-fabricated dwelling as an open, multi-purposed and large scale solution for the sustainable future of the built environment.

regarding the large scale solution, i can see cellophane house is  definitely the most spacious model(1800 SF) among others on site…

cellophane house at MoMA

+ the solar photovoltaic system integrated into wall system can produce enough electricity to run the house entirely off the grid!

cellophane house at MoMA

cellophane house at MoMA

+ the wall also included a inner layer of solar heat and UV blocking film – to let lots sunlight come in but keeping heat at bay. love how minimal and efficient it does to the house.

cellophane house at MoMA

+ balcony:  this is a luxurious prefab! look at the size of balcony.

cellophane house at MoMA

cellophane house at MoMA

cellophane house at MoMA

+ some nice details: everything is bolted instead of welded, this makes it easy to disassemble. every joint is a knock-down joint, and all elements are off-site prefabrication.

cellophane house at MoMA

cellophane house at MoMA

+ stairs: translucent polycarbonate steps embedded with LEDs. the choose of material makes the interior space very bright(in good way) and light-weighted. love it!

cellophane house at MoMA

it’s truly a energy efficient, modern, and spacious prefab. since it was 3 years ago, i might not remember it correctly… on the guide outside the model said this house cost about $450K.

+ extended online reading:
more project story from architect’s website:

+ from AIA

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