cinq mai from france

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design / graphic & branding design / home goods
[ all images courtesy cinqmai|caroline briel ]

happy friday everyone! today i want to share this super super adorable blog from caroline briel, a photographer,graphist, and creator of shop “cinq mai” from france.

when we mention about parisian-style, it is all about the softness, the pureness, the simple side of object. and this is exactly the impression i have from caroline’s hand crafted works. 

it’s hard to not fall in love with her heart warming style – from photography work to products in her shop.

plus, her two little girls are SOOOO stylish cute!!

[ all images courtesy cinqmai|caroline briel ]

here are some of my favorite products:

Étiquettes { MERCI } package tags

[ all images courtesy cinqmai|caroline briel ]

Lapin / Les joues roses / BRODÉ
( how lovely >

Ma poupée {02} / Les joues roses

Guirlande “happy birthday” {multicolore}

[all images courtesy cinqmai|caroline briel ]

c’est tres chic.

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