stainless steel sink in bathroom

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stainless steel sink in bathroom

[ photo courtesy robert gurney architect ]

slightly different from what i would have for my house, but what i like here is the look of mixed materials and simple color palate in this bathroom setting: the customized stainless steel ( with brushed finish) sink, white vases/toilet/bath tub, and the mosaic tiles from wall to floor, plus a big horizontal mirror.

only one thing i would like to change, if i could, is those the light fixtures. perhaps the vanity light bulbs would be more of my pick.

more modern private residence projects can be found from architect’s website- enjoy!

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  1. Hello all,

    Stainless steel is easy to clean than other types of sinks, so it can be said as another advantage. It has no cracks and or crevices for bacteria. They are most affordable, and they last longer compared to other materials. The stainless steel look also matches with most types of decor and whatever the style of your kitchen, a sink made from stainless steel should easily fit in. Thanks…

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