landscape loop by JAJA architects

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architecture / landscape architecture

[all images courtesy JAJAarchitects ]

last month i posted a competition entry ” a rolling master plan”proposed by stockholm-based architecture firm jagnefalt milton (click here to see previous post). their proposal has been awarded third place in this international master plan competition for the city of andalsnes, norway. today, i am going to share the proposal from copenhagen-based architecture firm JAJA architects, “landscape loop”, who won the shared first place.

the proposal brief from the architects:

” The Landscape Loop is a urban plan that emphasizes, improves and connects the inherent qualities of Aandalsnes to one unified entity. It is a project that gathers the city’s development within a loop that wraps around the town – creating a series of “blue” and “green” urban spaces that establish a natural connection between town and landscape.  “

from the jury:

“… a clear concept, analytic approach and convincing visualizations of the future Åndalsnes.” In total, the project was credited for its “great contextual integrity while being able to unfold the small town’s inherent potentials. “

JAJA architects definitely got the winning project key item: a clear concept. sometimes people try to throw bazillion ideas in one competition and led to a confusing, uncertain story .

[all images courtesy JAJAarchitects ]

harbor park

fjord promenade

harbor front

activity park



[all images courtesy JAJAarchitects ]

varde plaza

rail park

[all images courtesy JAJAarchitects ]

JAJA elegantly translated and integrated existing landscape into a much more appreciated cityscape , the space is defined yet flexible enough to offer varies of living experiences. i am very looking forward to seeing more good work from them!!

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