modern meets historical :palace of aiete by isuuru

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[all images courtesy issuru ]

culture center and institute for human rights in alete palace
parque de aiete, san sebastián, spain
(first prize of competition, 2005)

from the concept “to find the balance between program needs and possibilities of the palace”, to interior detail, plus the really pop shade of green, the project got my attention immediately. the realization created a dynamic and sculptural appearance yet, harmoniously within existing historical estate.

though you might different opinion about this type of addition – either the new building should totally stay away from the historical site, or should try to make a modern-meets-classic juxtaposition. it had been a constant (and can be endless) debate in design field, i know. and neither can i can give you my answer… but i like the choice of bold color and geometry with modest approach (the new addition is half-buried into landscape). it demonstrates a excellent balance between new and old, past and future.

only one thing i have to question (can’t help it when you’re a landscape designer): i wish the landscape in front of the building can be more coherent with the building. the light fixture seems a bit out of place… 
just my two cents.

[all images courtesy Naomi Schiphors ]

here are more images for you to enjoy- happy tuesday!


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