[magazine] ku:nel-2011.1

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book + magazine

thanks for my friend keiko kindly sharing this lovely magazine with me again.
( click here to see my previous post about ku:nel )

fresh from tokyo! 
>>so far i haven’t seen anywhere you can buy this magazine in US

this magazine, ku:nel, always brings you amazing photography quality and beautiful layout, plus heart-warming lifestyles.
it makes you wonder : wow, a everyday life can be so simple and poetic…

here are some of my favorite story shots.

life in convent ( nice photo shots ), france

a family from hokkaido, japan
they run a 100% handmade caramel-pudding family business.
all ingredients are from hokkaido local.
>> you have to check out their website, super cute!
wish i can order one from japan…

an article talking about some house cleaning tools:
each of them has specific function to use in different places(corers).
how neat.

in kitchen sink, things have to be organized, too. 

and my favorite part: recipe!

“our bento” column is always fun to read:
readers submit their daily bento ideas.
it’s my best spot to get bento presentation inspiration- they are not so staged, not too crafty ( carve out carrots, decorate nori as eyes on eggs… you know what i am saying)
and they look absolutely delicious and nutritious.

due to its high popularity,
this “our bento” topic is collected and published into a book.

and an amazing document about what this manga-ka ( manga artist ) ate in a month.
i don’t know if they will look as good if this is documented here… 

assorted handmade noodle shops in gunma-ken,kiryu-shi
kiryu-shi is well known its udonn.

a look of the noodle shop ” shimizuya”:
very homey atmosphere
another noodle shop’s special dish
last but not least,
an article teaching you how to knit this scarfy-sweater

how could you not addict to ku:nel style?
now i am making a hot tea, and ready to curl on couch, read the magazine again…

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