manhattan aquarium, NYC

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manhattan aquarium, NYC

over the weekend we stopped by the manhattan aquarium in hell’s kitchen area, manhattan. it was pretty cold that night- and even started to snow after we got off the subway station while walking toward the store.

unlike the usual aquarium store, manhattan aquarium has a little bit more modern interior design, which i really appreciate that… the store space is not huge, (remember, it’s still in manhattan ) but big enough to demonstrate several types of aquarium display. the display included a stingray touch tank exhibit, a chameleon rainforest waterfall display, a 500 gallon living reef aquarium, a 700 gallon Lake Tanganyika cichlid display tank, and many other smaller scale tanks.

baby clown fish is my favorite, they always look relaxing…

manhattan aquarium, NYC

manhattan aquarium, NYC

if you’re around in town, you may consider adding this destination into one of your stop- to check out the amazing under the sea nature… and maybe for your home!

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