[magazine] my latest and last ( for now) MARK

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architecture / fashion

i received MARK dec/jan issue back to december last year.
( green package case and red cover, a hint for the holiday color )

due to the busy holiday season and all that,
i haven’t have a chance to read it through…
but, i saw some pictures from the magazine and think it’s gotta be shared on michitecture.

yes, i want to share with you some fashion style from kazuyo sejima(妹島和世).

that’s right.

today i am not talking about her firm’s great works, but her fashion style.
( in case you don’t know who i am talking about,
check out this for a quick introduction )

i think it should be interesting to sneak peak those celebrity architect’s closet- though surprisingly, i would image her outfit style will be just like her design- simple, and monochrome ( white, mostly ). 
but look at the following pictures,
she is not afraid to put some colors & pattern on herself!

knowing she is a big fan of Comme des Garçons,
does anyone know if those dresses are from Comme des Garçons as well? 

big ring, big bag

big necklace
and finally, see her in white

now i am thinking about which architect will be the next i would like to check out his/her closet? 

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