Le Pain Quotidien…is coming in town

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so, finally,
la pain quotidien ( in french means ” daily bread” ),
is getting close to open!
( you can click here to see my previous post, written in chinese )

the first flagship store in philly,
it’s right on walnut street, close to broad street.
or say, the previous ” bebe” store, if you’re local enough,
you probably know exactly where i am talking about.

passed by it on my way home,
can’t wait to sneak peak what’s going on

it’s obviously smaller than the one by bryan park in new york city,
the atmosphere seems right,
hopefully their food( bakery) will have same good quality too.

can’t wait to have brunch here-
stay tuned!


  1. yeah- last october when i was in DC, i was thinking” how come they have LPQ but we ( philly) don't? “…. so, here it comes !

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