retro&colorful: interior of family nording, stockholm

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interior / scandinavian design

[all photography by Stellan Herner|via milk magazine]

maybe because i will never paint my bedroom wall with dark green, or a blue sofa with green pendent lamp cover in living room, or encourage j to wear red pants(!) – no, never. but that’s why i LOVE how this family pulled all amazing colors together! 

ready for the house tour?

start from the corner of dinning room: what else can be more retro when you have a calendar with mountain landscape hanging in kitchen? this really reminds me my grandparents :)

+ green bowl, blue wallpaper and red chair… it reminds me grandparents kitchen, in a good way.

+ vivid dark purple wall with blue couch and green shade in living room… a color combination i will never brave enough to do in my own house, but i love it!

+ dark green wall and red bed-side lamp in bedroom

+ and a total minty-icy color corner

+ little juli and her room. she has matching red pants as her father- how cute!

[all photography by Stellan Herner|via milk magazine]

if you’re interested in getting inspired by casual chic family life style,check out milk magazine (in french or japanese). they have many cool information about design, interior, books — things about little ones!

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