vintage luggage for home decor

[image source apartment therapy ]

in fact, i’ve never thought about using vintage luggage for my own house decoration… without a proper setting, staggered of luggages could make your interior look like a country B&B/ or granny’s home…(nothing bad about that, just not my style) but things have been changed. the trunk we currently use as TV stand made me re-consider we should give it a new life for home decoration.

there are many ways to mix vintage luggage/steamer trunks with your other home furnishing, from being a coffee table in the living room,to a side table in the bed room, or simply a nice accent at one corner at home.

here are some examples how to repurpose your vintage luggage.

it can be a nice piece of coffee table

[image source apartment therapy ]
or as bed room side table… this is my favorite! a good mix of modern (grey theme) and vintage.
[image courtesy photographer john paul urizar ]

and yet, some louis vuitton soft trunks brings you a instant parisian accent…


( missing credit: please comment if you know the source )


are you still hiding your vintage luggage in the closet?


vintage luggage for home decor

One thought on “vintage luggage for home decor

  1. so funny that you posted about this! whenever i go vintage shopping in lewisburg (where eric's parents live) i have come across so many vintage suitcases, trunks that i want to buy but never do because i don't have room in my house. guess i need a bigger house…

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