snowy day, wood flooring

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snowy day, wood flooring

we just had our first snowy sunday in philly! ( this picture was taken in the first couple hours yesterday afternoon. when i looked at the back yard again this morning, it was totally buried by snow- can’t find any elevation changes between the planters, really amazing! )

looking at the white fluffy snow covers the back yard wood deck, it reminds me those light color wood flooring i saw from stylepark.

wood flooring, fire place, white wall… it composites a (my) perfect cozy winter picture.

+ nordic ash by junckers

junckers is a denmark-based wood flooring manufacture company.

snowy day, wood flooring[image courtesy junckers ]

snowy day, wood flooring


[image courtesy junckers ]
++ plank flooring by dinesen
dinesen is also a denmark-based, family-owned wood planks manufacture company.
i LOVE their products especially the “dougles”, a wide, solid wood plank flooring system that will not only look (and fit) good for commercial use, but also private residence.
[image courtesy dinesen ]
they look so good in bedroom
[image courtesy dinesen ]
or in living room… again… the width of the plank is just so perfect.
[image courtesy dinesen ]
or in museum!
(saatchi gallery, london)

[image courtesy dinesen ]
[image courtesy dinesen ]
ugh. can i buy these in united states?

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