sinus from mmcite’

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landscape architecture


[all images courtesy mmcite’ ]

most of the people don’t really pay attention to whatever benches they’re sitting on in the park, but that is just because they haven’t realized the power of street furniture. since every details count, these  street furniture not only help to elevate the quality of space, they make the environment and human activity more coherent. ( i am still very impressed by how these chairs in jardin du luxembourg, Paris, can be so classic after years and years….)

mmcite from Czech Republic have a pretty extensive collection of street furniture which i’ve been wanting to use some of them in the projects to come. and this one, sinus, is on my wish list for some time now.

+ sinus by Roman Vrtiška






[all images courtesy mmcite’]

now you know you do have choice beyond just the typical forest green park bench!

* this post is updated in 2013 with some new sinus design

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