[fashion] vanessa bruno

[fashion] vanessa bruno
[ nov.17.2010.PARIS]

i miss the store in st. germain, paris! the interior style just like her other boutique stores – refreshing, a mix of vintage and modern style. urban bohemian.

vanessa bruno, the daughter of a Danish ’60s supermodel mother and a father who was founder of the French fashion house Emmanuelle Khan. she started her career when she was 24. (what was i doing when i was 24…)

here’s a set of interior shots about her apartment in marais section in paris. take a look, and i promise i will enter today’s main subject soon…

[fashion] vanessa bruno

[fashion] vanessa bruno

[fashion] vanessa bruno

[fashion] vanessa bruno

[images courtesy photographer birgitta wolfgang drejer]

i didn’t buy anything when i was there. they didn’t have any sale so i decided to leave the store with empty hands. HOWEVER the inner me didn’t stop thinking about that one bag i saw in the store. guess what? i found a great online deal (free shipping within US) after i came back home. and yes… i purchased my first vanessa bruno bag. (same style as shown above, in black)

[fashion] vanessa bruno

[image courtesy vanessa bruno official website ]

soft calfskin with optional shoulder strap, pockets at front, back, inside, plus a zipper to close the bag. a perfect size for everyday use!  i have been looking for this exact style since last year and i can’t believe it took me this long to find a perfect one! (no pun intended)

here are some of my favorite 2010 winter style from vanessa bruno. stay warm, and happy sunday afternoon !!

[fashion] vanessa bruno

[fashion] vanessa bruno

[fashion] vanessa bruno

[fashion] vanessa bruno

[images courtesy vanessa bruno official website ]

[fashion] vanessa bruno

3 thoughts on “[fashion] vanessa bruno

  1. rick says:

    你有去同一條街上不遠處的 Pierre Hermé 甜點店嗎?
    台灣的甜點技術雖然已提高不少,但很多僅止於”外觀和包裝” (日系風格影響?)

  2. rick: I love Pierre Herme !! But i didn't try it this time… i don't like to be in line waiting! haha.
    and yes, to me most of the pastries in taiwan are still not ” deep” enough… and lots of them are over-packaging too…

    sary: i am so exciting about my bag too =)

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