one flew south :一南翔

one flew south :一南翔
one flew south :一南翔

fresh shots from j :) thank you!

i wasn’t sure what is that language when j first mentioned where he just had dinner( i guess it’s the best option you can have while waiting for the 3 hrs connection at the airport ).


” it was written by a gentlemen named Gengo, who is the ranking priest of the Soto School in North America — one of 3 different schools of Zen Buddhism in Japan: Rinzai, Soto & Obaku. As the sokan (or “archbishop”) of Soto Zen in North America, Gengo’s writing is held in high regard. It reads, from left to right: ichi-nan-shu: Ichi (One) Nan (South) Shu (Flew). Shu is a poetic word for flew, and all the strokes in the shu character are drawn to represent feathers. “


from the website as restaurant described themselves: ” a travel-inspired dinning space”.

so what kind of food they’re serving? here are some samples from their website. ( photos j sent me was way too dark to post it here)

one flew south :一南翔

[image courtesy one flew south]

all the ingredients are from regional farmers and purveyors, which is totally appreciated. if you remember what you usually ate at airport, (if you can remember) most of them are fast food, chain-store italian bistro, chinese food, or whatever can stop the hunger.

” one flew south” probably is the first one that you know what you’re eating.

it’s a such little treat for travelers passing by world’s busiest airport.  and hey- they do have take-out too, if you’re in hurry.

one flew south :一南翔

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