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{days to go} 39days

had a day trip to washington DC last friday, explored little bit george town area, ( i was here before but never walked up to wisconsin ave — a cute neighborhood ! love the row-house style ) and we found this boutique cafe on Wisconsin Ave, among all the antique furniture shops, beautiful bridal store, several other small coffee shops.

the reason why it attracted us – the illy sign on window! who can resist illy?

patisserie poupon
1645 Wisconsin Ave NW
(between N Q St & N 33rd St) Washington, DC 20007

after we ordered our pain au raisin and coffee,  saw they have a small hidden courtyard at the back. since it’s nice day out, we decided to enjoy our coffee outside. ( usually i am a indoor-sitting person: don’t like the busy traffic get pass when i am enjoying my coffee !)

{days to go} 39days

and who doesn’t like to drink their own pot of coffee? i mean, hello, illy coffee in a pot, not paper cup with plastic lid! plus served with MIKASA cup and saucer, that you can rest the little spoon on it.  feel like i am in paris already !

totally heavenly.

and the coffee only cost you how much? $2.5 ,that simple.

isn’t this little courtyard lovely?

{days to go} 39days

if you’re around in the neighborhood and you like good coffee and delicious pastries, try patisseries poupon!

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