Taastrup Theater, Copenhagen

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taastrup Theater_ COBE_exterior_2

[all images courtesy of Courtesy COBE | photos © Stamers Kontor ]

Taastruo Theater by Copenhagen-based architecture office COBE


located in the social housing neighborhood, Taastrup Theatre is definitely not your typical local community theatre! with its modern update, the building also designed to improve the energy consumption. the dramatic facade also generated different shades of shadow, don’t we love that subtlety and playfulness!

text by the architects COBE:

The project for the extension and renovation of Taastrup Theatre seeks to improve the communication of the building with its environment – a social housing neighborhood. Formally, we were commissioned to improve the energy consumption of the 1970s local community theatre. Yet, we used the opportunity to improve the general appeal and function of the building by introducing a second (insolating) skin. The new facade consists of translucent acrylic prisms, elegantly embracing the existing building and creating a new open foyer and arrival area. A whole new spatial dimension is added to the building, connecting the formerly enclosed interior to the outside.

taastrup Theater_ COBE_exterior_1

✚ diagram


✚ 由acrylic prism 製成的菱角帷幕 : the acrylic prism curtain elegantly embrace the existing concrete structure.

taastrup Theater_ COBE_exterior_3

✚ 前面的paving pattern蠻有趣的,就是concrete+stone fines的簡單細部. 這個空地應該是為了要讓各種活動表演都能彈性使用的空間. 室內設計就是簡單,黑與白,看起來不像是社區活動中心(戲院)的公共空間

taastrup Theater_ COBE_exterior_night_2

taastrup Theater_ COBE_interior_2

taastrup Theater_ COBE_interior

taastrup Theater_ COBE_exterior_night

[all images courtesy of Courtesy COBE ]

read more images & project information via COBE’s website or via archdaily & world-architects

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