something new from Marimekko

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something new from Marimekko

[ all images courtesy marimekko ]

another hot day, some more summer style home accessaries from marimekko to cool you off =) here are some of my favorites:

+ Logo Key Ring 

Love the summery color combination, and the simple and elegant geometry design… Actually I would imagine something more colorful from Marimekko… this is a surprise to me!

something new from Marimekko

+ Checkbook wallet

What a stylish checkbook wallet! Though I wonder, how many young people still bring checks with them, wherever they’re going to? Still, a great “outfit” for your checks.

[ all images courtesy marimekko ]

+ Reversible Canvas Tote 3 designed by Virva Launo

I was thinking it could be a nice beach tote… but the size is only 34 x 35 x 8 cm.  Seems more like a daily grocery bag…

+ Cushion Cover Designed by Heikki Orvola

[ all images courtesy marimekko ]

Also talking about Marimekko, how could you miss their dinning ware?


[ all images courtesy marimekko ]

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