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Finally I am getting to share of MARK ( the longer draft sits, the higher possibility this post will never be published… =_= )… 

So… we will start from:
Why being a architect in Hollywood films is hot ??
I mean, hotter than what architects actually are in real life…. ( are you nodding head ? )

bloody true :
” to the architect, the camera adds not pounds but a disposable income, sex appeal and killer props “

Jude Law…
接下來interview Dr. Raymond Neutra, son of Richard Neutra… pretty awesome!
” modern house are always where the porn king and the evil oriental gang leader live”
還有就是之前在米麒鐵雀( click here to see my old post )有提過的本世紀最值得一看的立體停車場 (這麼誇張)
1111 Lincoln Road by Herzog &de Meuron
日本建築師maeda的超超超白屋 ( 太冷調了吧… )
結構大師Cecil Balmond



THE END….!!!!!
such a never end preview…

I hope you do enjoy ” reading” them, through those blurry photos… 
( iphone doesn’t take too professional photos ?? )
See you next time!

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