[magazine] MARK:june/july: part 1

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architecture / book + magazine

mentioned I am going to post some sneak-peaks from latest June/July issue of MARK…. there are so much to share, so I will break it into two parts.

you can also do a online preview at their website

one interesting thing I found- mostly what I have here, they don’t have it for preview…. does it mean I picked up all the fun parts to share? or… one way the other?

anyway, enjoy my mini online preview! ( and pardon my scary fingers… it shown up in some photos )

昨天說過要把內容給大家預覽一下… 結果發現太多內容,決定分成兩部份來介紹。( 一方面也是沒力氣一次講完啊 )
( 先說,我的手指頭有不小心出現在一些照片裡…有點小破壞了美感 )
所有照片都是點了可以放大( 放很大 )。


ski jump,Oslo, Norway, by jds

在日本的可愛小屋 zen style home by naf architect & design, Japan

( also you can click here to see more photos from this project )

amazing bridge ( to be precise, it’s a pedestrian bridge ) in Portugal
Carrilho da Graça Bridge
( click here to see more photos- SO beautiful  )
很像組合玩具概念,London based建築師事務所 haworthtompkins
alice wonderland的 production designer Robert Stromberg
( 超有名的視覺效果設計師 visual effect designer…
做過的電影之多… 看這裡就知道了 )
SANAA在瑞士法語區的EPFL Lausanne Rolex Learning Center

( 自己也想休息吧 )

真的還蠻妙的… 不論男主角是殺人嫌疑犯,偵探,花心劈腿男,時光交錯…


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