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” It’s about gardening in tight spaces. It’s about New York. It’s about how to live in a tiny apartment with a tiny terrace. It’s about friends, and inspiration and blackspot on the roses. It’s about food and cooking over an open flame. It’s about wine. And water. And watering…It’s about seasons without and within. I’ll try to stick to the without. ”

[ all images courtesy 66squarefeet ]

grew up in the city, i had just enough experience planting basil, strawberries, other random herbs my mom decided to have in our 1.5m x 5m tiny garden within the front yard/open air garage area. it was lots fun waiting crops getting ripe .” are they ready yet? ” was often the first thing i asked once arrive home.

you can still enjoy a fun, creative, productive terrace space in a busy city – even when it’s tiny. ( those who live in Tokyo or Taipei or New york should understand what true “tiny” means )  the space might be limited but with your creativity there are still possibilities for urban farming/gardening dream.

如果你跟作者一樣,住在都市裡(她是住在紐約),擁有小小的terrace陽台空間,也嚮往擁有一個小花園,小農場–她的部落格有很多她自己種植的經驗分享。check it out!

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