NAP by Kasper Salto for Republic of Fritz Hansen

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[ all images courtesy Republic of Fritz Hansen ]

summer is around the corner- any fun getaway plan ? Or, time to update your interior look!

begins in 1872 by the cabinet maker Fritz Hensen, got his trade license in Copenhagen…. and 1885, he started his own furniture production company, Republic of Fritz Hansen. they have classic collection from legendary Arne Jacobsen and Poul Kjærholm, also like furniture designed by award winning Danish designer Kasper Salto.

so, we all know “series 7″ chair, we all know Egg™ chair… how about ” NAP ” chair?

越來越接近夏天了( official date is June 21st ), 大家有沒有什麼暑假計畫呢? 去哪玩?還是在家大換季?今天要來介紹一款很適合夏天的室內座椅!( 話題轉的真快 )這個超老牌也超大牌(歷史悠久)傢具公司, 最近在紐約開了showroom喔( 當然是在SOHO ) 。他們合作對象包括大師級 Arne Jacobsen 以及Poul Kjærholm,許多經典作品像是 Series 7, Egg, Swan charis….另外也有許多新近設計師如丹麥設計師Kasper Salto


here’s what designer said:

The NAP chair is a reflection of Kasper Salto’s approach to design. “For me design is about relevance. To always create a product that has relevance towards its user’s.” Say’s the design star. “For me the NAP chair is all about being able to sit well in as many positions as possible. The name NAP is an abbreviation of the three key sitting positions; Normal, Active and Passive – because sitting is in fact a constant movement.” Salto continues.

NAP 是從坐姿的三個關鍵單字擷取而來:Normal, Active, Passive – 因為“坐“實際上是個持續的行動(movement)。很有趣的想法呢。總覺得“坐“好像就是沒有在動,實際上,坐著打字,坐著吃飯,坐,其實也是一種動啊。這款設計就是從“不論如何坐都很舒服“ 出發而設計…



[ all images courtesy Republic of Fritz Hansen ]

love this setting….a dream bedroom look.

[ all images courtesy Republic of Fritz Hansen ]


  1. rick says

    我還是最喜歡Arne Jacobsen幫Fritz Hansen設計的曲木合板系列(series 7,ants…..etc.),坐下時,曲木合板的彈性,適當的支撐使用者的背部,所以非常的舒適。但現在出售的版本,噴上了各種顏色的漆,一整個很廉價的感覺,時在是糟蹋了這款經典椅

  2. i love series 7 chair!!! and indeed it's super comfortable….
    hopefully one day i will have my own.

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