[magazine] ku:nel 2010.5

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snapshot image via ku:nel

at first glance i thought it’s a scandinavian furniture catalogue… but it’s not. it’s a japanese magazine about life style, cultural, things that inspiring. at first glance this magazine seems more to these who are interested in cooking, living space organization, travel, recipes etc. but i highly recommend to anyone who is also interested in exploring life styles from japan and sometimes from all over the world. it’s beyond just a lifestyle-magazine, they have embedded a pretty solid cultural aspect in the articles as well.

前幾天看到日本同事收到她朋友從日本寄來給她的雜誌–原本我還以為是傢具的目錄(她拿到的是下圖三月號),結果跟她借來翻翻之後才發現原來是一本雜誌。排版也太美了… 整個感覺好舒服,好乾淨… 這本雜誌–以生活雜記,音樂,電影,以及料理等等為主的偏女性雜誌(男生們要看當然沒問題),編排簡單卻很有人性,不是那些為了酷而酷的雜誌,翻閱起來就是很溫暖的一本雙月刊雜誌(每隔兩個月出刊)。

some sneak peeks. sorry for the bad lighting photo quality!



you can also download the wallpaper here… even have a theme song

看了大半篇介紹,有沒有差點忘記這些附加的音樂,網誌連結,桌面下載等等,都只不過是替雜誌整體加分的附加小價值- 所以說,現在辦雜誌似乎不能只是光靠那一本就能推銷雜誌所想要傳達的message, 其他陸續更新的線上文章也能抓住讀者的注意力,( 畢竟有時候雜誌翻一翻就忘了 )ku:nel真的是生活雜誌的超完美範本。


  1. naho says

    ahh…the one i got for keiko-mama upon her request. i never realized “kunel-chan”…kawaii..

  2. sousou, Keiko shown me the magazine, and when i checked the website- i found kunel-chan…! SO cute… so addicting. haha.

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