QLOCKTWO by Biegert & Funk

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design / interior

[all images courtesy biegert&funk]

a stylish and minimal clock designed by Biegert & Funk. designers call it ” the fourth dimension square “.

” A matrix with symmetrically arranged characters forms an additional square on the inside. Some of these characters glow in pure white, thus forming words that describe the time.” 

All clocks are handmade in Germany by Biegert & Funk Product GmbH & Co. KG…. excellent!!

[all images courtesy biegert&funk]
oh, curious about the price? €885.00 EUR (you know it is how much you have to pay for a GOOD design!) well, if this is your case: no space to hang on the real clock at your place? (or, not enough money ) how about have it on your iphone? now you can download it ( $0.99) here
Qlocktwo nominated to the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany.
>> about designers

Design made in Germany. Biegert & Funk design and manufactur things they always wanted to have. That is one of the reasons why their internationally award-winning designs are creative, highly functional and radically unique. It is impossible to categorize their work. Each product is handmade in the beautiful south of Germany. Biegert & Funk creates products, apps, campaigns and much more.

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