HOTOFUTO | ほうとう不動

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[ all photography by Naho Degawa ]

讓我們先來謝謝一下首次投稿的菜穗ちゃん吧!(拍手~)她這幾天竟然去這家麵店吃了麵…. 之前一月多的時候吧在Dezeen有看過,以為是個玩結構的案子…沒想到裡面還蠻平易近人的!

thanks to my friend Naho who sent me these pictures ( taken from her cellphone)!! i am so excited to see real project observed by real person! * if you have any project would like to share, send me over!

let’s take a look the rest photos.

somehow the graphic for the restaurant looks like korean symbol.

the weather was really nice that day- you can see mt. fuji at the background! that is awesome.

HOTOFUTO | ほうとう不動

HOTOFUTO | ほうとう不動

the stand for diningware. same graphic as restaurant’s.


這個建築物如設計師說的,“像跳舞般降下來的雲的shell 構造“ …感覺很前衛,賣的卻是傳統的麵…有機會還是想去看看。好玩的成份居多,並不是太喜歡這種奇怪造型的建築物…



you can also find the project in the current isse of shotenkenchiku

+ about the architect


  1. naho says

    Thank you for posting my report! I will let you know when something new will come up=)

  2. somehow i didn't see you mention the taste of noodle… not as impressive as building's look? ( i still can't believe how 普通 it is in terms of the restroom design… )

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