[book] ‘wichcraft by tom colicchio

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architecture / food

’wichcraft Cookbook

saw this book at William Sonoma store earlier today, probably because it was close to the dinner time, definitely a mouth watering (recipe) book!
( by the way, i also saw those panini spreads in store: they look  so delicious ! click here and you will see what i mean  )

” The ‘wichcraft story began in Manhattan, where the first of these sandwich shops was founded by Tom Colicchio, award-winning chef and head judge of Bravo TV’s popular Top Chef. Presenting casual classics with artisanal flair, ‘wichcraft quickly became famous for its made-from-scratch menu and innovative flavor combinations…. “

i heard some people told me those sandwiches are little bit over-rated- looks good, but not as good as the price you’re paying… hmmm, since i haven’t try it, i can’t give those sandwiches judgement yet ( from the book they all look really delicious ). i will need to prove it myself. stay tuned for my report. or leave a comment let us know what do you think about wichcraft’s sandwich, if you had tried it.

little fun fact(?), they are brewing La Colombe coffee in their stores… yes, la colombe, proudly from Philly!

more information about wichcraft, check out their website

also, not about the book, but i have to give it a special mention, is their store at lincoln center david rubenstein atrium designed by one of my favorite architects TWBTA Todd Williams Billie Tsien Architects.

another classic post on michitecture: talking about food and architecture same time… i know, geez.

[photo from curbed ]

the greenwall is a collaboration with Laurent Corradi and with Marie-Christine Steffanetti with plantwalldesign )


[wichcraft in david rubenstein atrium | photo by will femia ]

[photo from curbed ]

should be nice to have sandwich and coffee here by the beautiful green wall!

>>where to buy this book
the book is $27.50 at william-sonoma but you can buy it only $18.15 at Amazon =)

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