resident jang (姜)

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architecture / interior

[ photography :吳啟民 ]

maybe this is the first time I am talking about interior project from taiwan? … i know. I have been wanting to introduce good design work from taiwan … then i found this beautiful project through archicake ( as I mentioned previously, this online magazine is written in traditional Chinese only )  and i am thinking ” i have to let people know about this ! ”

resident Jang() by SUNliho architect + designers ( 孫立和建築師事務所 ) 
Hsin-Tien, Taiwan

at the very beginning, client wanted to create a home without TV and living room – a home that family members won’t just sit on the big couch, watch TV or play TV game, with NO communication or interaction to each other. ( which,sadly, is pretty common in most of the families ) this space should be a place for everyone to share their day with each others.



thus all the rooms are facing toward the public open space ( living / dining room ). It seems work out perfectly in terms of leading all circulation into this space, but same time the dynamic movement make furniture setting a tough question to resolve.

Architects looked at it as similar relationship between urban plaza ( open space ) and surrounding buildings. This plaza should have enough flexibility to accommodate a varieties of events, public or private.

looking from living room to office space


all doors are blending with walls.


wall became part of bookshelf


Solid and transparent materials made a quiet transition between private and public space…



[ all photography :吳啟民 ]

a simple and lovely living space. oh, by the way, they have the big wood dining table I was talking about yesterday – I want one in my dining room too !!!

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