urban cycling: bike with fashion

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[image courtesy globe bicycles ]

i am sure hipsters like you have already noticed the urban bicycling (cycling) is THE trend now. i have spotted girl with chic dress was riding the bike; guy with perfectly ironed suit riding the bike… and that’s the point of urban bicycling: it should work with whatever lifestyle you have.

here i picked four stylish bikes for your (and my) future consideration!

Globe Bicycles : Haul ( $ 1100 )


[image courtesy globe bicycles ]

woodway bicycle by berlin designer Arndt Menke-Zumbragel

urban cycling: bike with fashion


woodway bicycle

[© Copyright Arndt Menke-Zumbräge ]

serie staccolma bike (exclusive for sweden) by swedish note design studio

this is a collaboration between note design studio and abici, italian bicycle manufacture. the colors are inspired by four iconic buildings in stockholm. i love the swedish twist of italian elegant.

urban cycling: bike with fashion

serie staccolma bike_2

serie staccolma bike_1

[images courtesy note design studio ]

and check out anthropologie‘s online shop, they carry abici bicycle. price $1998… Abici Sveltina Donna Bicycle

urban cycling: bike with fashion

[images courtesy anthropologie ]

maybe, just maybe, i will ride to work sometime. (though everyone have already told me philly is not the safest city to ride bikes)

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