Dan Perjovschi is back!!

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Dan Perjovschi is back!!

saw Dan Perjovschi’s exhibition back in 2007 at MOMA… this Romanian-born artist is known for mixing drawing, cartoon and graffiti in his pieces drawn directly on the walls of museums and contemporary art spaces.  at first i though some one who dared to draw cartoon on museum wall. the graphic is always simple & minimal but compelling same time.

here are some shots taken from the fold-out I got at the exhibition , can’t believe three years have gone by…

Dan Perjovschi is back!!

Dan Perjovschi is back!!

今天在designboom看到他在加拿大Royal Ontario Museum有新的展覽“ late news “,諷刺的人生,國際政治黑暗面以及不可少的坦克圖案都有出現。在附近的你們可以去看看,真的很inspiring的一個藝術家。

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