Cylinda Line by Arne Jacobsen x Paul Smith

[image courtesy stelton]

喜歡北歐設計品的一定知道這位丹麥設計大師 Arne Jacobsen. 他所設計的” the egg ” or “number 7 “chairs更是’ Danish Modern ‘ 經典中的經典…( 真老派的說法)今天要說的這款1967年替丹麥品牌 Stelton設計的咖啡壺 arne-jacobsen-coffee-pot,米一直都很想買…

Paul Smith受邀替慶祝成立五十週年的Stelton重新改造(?)2010新款…很Paul Smith!

[all images courtesy stelton]

Paul Smith當初接到這個邀請,感覺是戰戰兢兢。畢竟要替這個已經這麼經典的作品注入新氣象,本來就有點吃力不討好… 可以想像很多收藏家會說 “ 這個是什麼顏色啊?“

“I was very flattered when asked to work on this project, but equally nervous as I have such respect for this iconic collection by Arne Jacobsen. To tell the truth I was unsure whether I should take on the task of re-working such a beautiful, timeless set of designs. However, once I realised that I would just give a new lease of life through colour, I felt more comfortable. In addition to the collection I have added a series of colourful stainless steel bowls which hopefully respect the purity of Jacobsen’s work. I am very honoured to be part of this project” –Paul Smith.

的確是很簡單、不搶走原本風采可是又換然一新的設計。當然我如果要買還是會買Arne Jacobsen的版本囉…不過保羅的經典螢光粉紅也很時髦look呢。

( 數數看,今天用了幾百次的“經典“? )

Cylinda Line by Arne Jacobsen x Paul Smith

5 thoughts on “Cylinda Line by Arne Jacobsen x Paul Smith

  1. rick says:

    想不到你也喜歡cylinda line,這系列共有18件,有煙灰缸,胡椒鹽罐,冰桶…等,最初是Arne Jacobsen用餐忽然有靈感,將圖畫在餐巾紙上,但並沒馬上生產,因為當時不銹鋼製作技術還無法達到他的要求的”光滑無縫”的水準,直到幾年後技術成熟後才推出此系列的

  2. rick says:


  3. 我喜歡リラックマ 還是 アンパンマン(不知道上往看一下)那種可愛的東西,可是不會把家裡堆的花花綠綠 …
    工業風跟一些古董風的東西混搭起來更好看啊 ;) ( 我是在講傢具還是衣服啊,哈哈 )

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