Fleetwood Tower by Paisajes Emergentes

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landscape architecture

Fleetwood Tower by Paisajes Emergentes_1[all images courtesy Paisajes Emergentes]

colombian architects Paisajes Emergentes received second prize for their proposal for the townshift international competition in canada. congratulations! if you don’t know who are they by now, you SHOULD check out their website to find out.

description from Paisajes Emergentes:

“The structure.

Certainly the least interesting thing that a vertical tower can do is to display a welcome sign. Vertical structures can support diverse¨and specialised functions such as communications, energy collection, weather forecasting and are always the most interesting places to experience great views over distant landscapes. ”

Fleetwood Tower by Paisajes Emergentes_2“The Fleetwood marker is a dematerialized tower, it is lighter than air and it’s structure ties it to the ground instead of supporting it’s own weight: It is made with clusters of weather balloons filled with helium.”

Fleetwood Tower by Paisajes Emergentes_3

” What is interesting about balloons is that with enough cubic meters of helium they can replace traditional static structures based on heavy steel. The tower ends up being lighter than air. It is not a skyscraper, it is more related with a zeppelin or the now common helium balloons used around the world to serve as viewing platforms. It is something that will be affected by the weather, like a vertical cloud, or simply something very strange happening in the sky welcoming the city´s visitors and inviting them to climb up to have a better view of Mount Baker.”

Fleetwood Tower by Paisajes Emergentes_4


Fleetwood Tower by Paisajes Emergentes_9

Fleetwood Tower by Paisajes Emergentes_10


Fleetwood Tower by Paisajes Emergentes_11“The installation:

We drive an astonishing 6.3 billion miles every day in the U.S. If the kinetic energy generated by moving vehicles was captured at any given moment, it could produce enough electricity to power over a quarter million homes each day.” Fraser highway will be covered with a kinetic carpet systems already available. It’s length will be enough to power the installation and some pilot houses in the city with completely clean energy from the pressure of the passing cars. The vertical balloon clusters of the tower will be in correspondence to the horizontal areas of the highways destined to harvest the energy. The electricity generated by the cars movement will illuminate the installation at night showing a contemplative vertical color light show of what is happening on the highway.”

Fleetwood Tower by Paisajes Emergentes_12[all images courtesy Paisajes Emergentes ]

you can also download the PDF to see their full boards… excellent work!!


就是蒐集這條馬路每個交通路口紅綠燈停下來的車輛的氦氣,透過control station把能量送到這個結構的electrical line,讓氣象球升空… 我想評審是想不出來要怎麼實現而沒有辦法般給他們第一名吧… 這歡迎光臨的牌子如果真做出來,應該是大家朝聖的景點!

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