wallpaper and pillow by kreme

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kreme life_wallpaper

[ all images courtesy kreme ]

i’ve just explored Kreme by Cadee Wilder, a LA-based homeware brand, have great collection of interior accessories! from wallpaper, to varies home accessories, all the products are eco-friendly water based ink,  designed and manufactured in USA. here are some of my favorite items. check out their website for more beautiful products.

+ spiro




[ all images courtesy kreme ]

不難看出原本從事fashion industry 的設計師技巧的把流行元素帶進平面的設計當中 ( 蝴蝶,鎖鏈不論物件還是圖案在這幾季服裝流行中也很常見 )。似乎就真的是替抱枕穿上新衣,原本單調的牆也可以輕鬆換上新面孔… 新的一年如果沒有預算買新傢具,可以考慮從小物件更新,細部的搭配可以讓整個家裡的氣氛馬上upgrade!

目前只有LA, Chicago以及NYC有retailer。

+ showroom in NYC
900 Broadway Suite 204, New York, NY 10003

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