the Glass House

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Photo: Richard Payne

2010年度又要開始開放參觀了!( May 1 to November 30 ) 每年都說要去,說了三年……..

多15塊錢就可以拍照…比起Fallingwater划算多了…. 其實原本是想說這個(下面)行程應該比較浪漫(?)也可能比較便宜,結果看到價錢嚇了一跳。打消這個念頭吧。( 自己的邏輯:通常博物館不是都有晚上六點以後免費或是打折的好待遇?可是在這裡反而更有價值更貴 )

+ Glass House Twilight Tour

Two-hour guided tour | $150 per person

Includes access to the interiors of the Glass House, Painting Gallery, Sculpture Gallery, da Monsta, and Library Study, behind-the-scenes access to the buildings and collections, and views of the site in the evening with seasonal lighting effects.  Photography is allowed. $100 of this ticket purchase is tax-deductible. Click here for more information.

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