weekend house in shelter island

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interior / weekend house

又是一個下雪的星期六。空蕩蕩的街頭,人行道已經堆積起40公分厚的雪。我湊熱鬧的也出門晃了一下( 買今天晚餐的材料 )。由於雪實在堆積太多在人行道上而很多住戶又還沒有開始鏟雪,大家索性走在馬路上。追求的大概就是“平常不能做“的那種冒險感吧…

安安靜靜的市區景觀,飄著雪,真的是很奢侈的氛圍… and then you will wish you have a weekend house like this ( and a nice sunny weather ) .

from the designers:

“ SchappacherWhite Ltd. is a New York-based architecture and interior design firm founded by Steve Schappacher and Rhea White……The multiplicity of their practice is intentional. The harmony derives not from style or trends, but from a process where all parts of their work continue to enlighten the other. SchappacherWhite strives to create appropriate and intelligent design by finding meaning in the diversity.“

a updated version of weekend house transformed from a 1904 built old cottage house.



[ all images courtesy SchappacherWhite Ltd. ]


[ all images courtesy SchappacherWhite Ltd. ]

beautiful interior
i love the mix of black and white color palette, modern and vintage furniture,glossy and textured materials.


hidden TV/audio appliance paired with worn rock chair

gorgeous dinning room space.
well. when you have a big window like this in your dinning room, nothing will go wrong.

as you might notice already, using chalkboard as wall finish is the trend.

a weekend house without a outdoor pool? no way.

[ all images courtesy SchappacherWhite Ltd. ]


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