from FRONT row

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from FRONT row

[ all images courtesy FRONT ]

瑞典美女的前衛設計公司 FRONT

“ They experiment, combine different techniques and play with people’s visual and tactile habits by creating an illusion that irritates our senses. They might deform vases in a wind tunnel or in a series of snapshots might have them fall to the floor. The three Swedish designers Sofia Lagerkvist, Anna Lindgren and Charlotte von der Lancken have worked together under the name “Front” since studying. “

+ 延伸閱讀:Not something that passes by


看看這個動感花瓶…Blow Away Vase


[ all images courtesy FRONT ]

Tensta floor


塑膠製的分隔幕( divider…中文真的很用時方恨少 ), 擬真步簾的感覺。

Animal thing

小馬幫你點燈,小豬幫你端盤… 根據設計師的說法 “Furniture to fall in love with at first sight, or hate forever. “ 哈,不是嗎?設計原本就是很主觀的。

+ 瘋狂的藝術品 Design by motion

Bookshelf Cupboards collection

[ all images courtesy FRONT ]

看出來哪裡特別?是的 — 好眼力!書櫃的門其實是模擬書籍的印刷圖片。幾可亂真,感覺像是在龐德電影裡才會出現的傢具!

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